A time for us

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A [Em]time [B7]for    [Em]us, somed[G]ay t[Em]here will [F]be  
When c[Em]hains [Dm]are t[C]orn  [Am7] by c[Dm]our [Am]age born of [Am]a l   [Dm]ove   
[Bm7/5-]that is fre[Am]e,   
A t[Em]ime w[B7]hen    [Em]dreams so l[G]ong [Em]de - n[F]ied  
Can f[Dm]lour - [Em]ish as [Am]we    [G]un - v[F]eil [Em]the l[Am]ove    [G]we n[F]ow m[Em]ust   

A t[C]ime for u[G]s at l[Dm]ast to [Am]see   
A l[Bb]ife worth w[F]hile for [Em]you and [Am]me   
And [Em]with [B7]our    [Em]love through t[G]ears [Em]and th[F]orns
We [Em]will [Dm]en - d[C]ure  [Am7] as [Dm]we p   [Am]ass s[Dm]ure - [Am]ly th[Dm]rough [Bm7/5] the      
A t[Em]ime    [B7]for    [Em]us, somed[G]ay t[Em]here will [F]be  
A [Dm]new w[Em]orld, a w[Am]orld [G]of s[F]hin - [Em]ing    [Am]hope f[G]or y[F]ou   [Em]and    [Am]me.   

A time for us, someday there will be
When chains are torn by cour age born of a love
[Bm7/5-]that is free,
A time when dreams so long de - nied
Can flour - ish as we un - veil the love we now must

A time for us at last to see
A life worth while for you and me
And with our love through tears and thorns
We will en - dure as we pass sure - ly through the
A time for us, someday there will be
A new world, a world of shin - ing hope for you and me.

Song Author Johnny Mathis