A Very Precious Love

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[E]A   [A]very p[E7]recious l[A]ove is w[D9]hat you[Fdim] are to [A]me,  
A s[D9]tairway to a [Bm7-5]star, a      [C#m7-5] night in Shangri [F#7]La of [Gdim]ecs - t[Bm]asy.   
[D9]Lan - [E7]terns[Cdim] of g     [A]old, l[D9]an -   [Bm7-5] terns       [E7]of b   [F#7]lue    
[B7]Twinkle[Cdim] in the s[E]hadows while I d[B7]ance with y[E]ou.  

[E]An   [A]echo [E7]in the w[A]ind ac[D9]ross the [Fdim]summer l[A]ake  
Is [D9]saying you should[Bm7-5] know that [C#m7-5]lanterns lose their [F#7]glow    
And [Gdim]hearts can b[Bm]reak.
So [C#7]hold me close, my [F#7]Darling, then k[D]iss me [Cdim]ten - der [Bm7-5]- ly,      
And g[D9]ive your[Bm7-5] precious l[A]ove, your v[D9]ery    [Edim]precious [E7]love   [E7/6] to      [A]me.  

A very precious love is what you are to me,
A stairway to a [Bm7-5]star, a[C#m7-5] night in Shangri La of ecs - tasy.
Lan - terns of gold, lan -[Bm7-5] terns of blue
Twinkle in the shadows while I dance with you.

An echo in the wind across the summer lake
Is saying you should[Bm7-5] know that [C#m7-5]lanterns lose their glow
And hearts can break.
So hold me close, my Darling, then kiss me ten - der [Bm7-5]- ly,
And give your[Bm7-5] precious love, your very precious love to me.

Song Author Paul Francis Webster og Sammy Fain

Performer: Doris Day