A You´re Adorable

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W[D7]hen J[G]ohn - [G6]ny Jo[G]nes was s[D7]er -   [Am7] e -     [D7]na - ding [G]Mar - y
He [Am]sure [A9]could q[Am]uote a[Am+7] lot      [Am7sus4] of         [Am]po - e - t[D7]ry   
But he'd m[G]uch rath - er t[E7]ell 'er what he le[D]arned in his [Cdim]spel - ler
When they [G]both at - [G/F#]ten - ded [A]P - S [Edim]thir - ty - th[D]ree.

[G]A you're a - [B7]dor - a - ble,[E7] B    [Edim]you're so [E7]beau - ti - ful
[A7]C you're a [Em7]cu - tie [Cdim]full of ch[A7]arms   
[C]D you're a [Cm7]dar - ling and[Bm7] E you're ex - [E7]ci - ting and
[Am7]F you're a f[D7]eath - er in my a[G]rms  
[G]G you look go[B7]od to me[E7] H    [Edim]you're so [E7]heav - en - ly
[A7]I you're the [Em7]one I    [Cdim] i - do - [A7]lize   
[C]J we're like J[Cm7]ack and Jill[Bm7] K you're so [E7]kis - sa - ble
[Am7]L is the l[D7]ove light in your e[G]yes  
[Am7] M,     [Edim] N,      [G]O,   [Em]P --[Am7] I could go [D9]on    [Am7]all d    [G]ay  
[Am7] Q,     [Edim] R,      [G]S,   [Em] T - al - pha - [A7]bet - ic - 'ly [Gdim]spea - king, [D]you're[Am7] O -     [D9]K   
[G]U made my l[B7]ife com - plete, [E7]V means you're [Edim]ver - y [E7]sweet
[A7]Doub - le - U,[Em7] X,     [Cdim] Y,      [A7]Z   
It's [Am7]fun to wan - der th[Cdim]rough the [G]al - pha -[Fdim] bet with [E7]you   
To [Am7]tell     [Em7]you     [Am7]what    [Edim] you m     [D]ean  [Cdim] to m     [G]e.  

When John - ny Jones was ser - e - na - ding Mar - y
He sure could quote a lot of po - e - try
But he'd much rath - er tell 'er what he learned in his spel - ler
When they both at - ten - ded P - S thir - ty - three.

A you're a - dor - a - ble, B you're so beau - ti - ful
C you're a cu - tie full of charms
D you're a dar - ling and E you're ex - ci - ting and
F you're a feath - er in my arms
G you look good to me H you're so heav - en - ly
I you're the one I i - do - lize
J we're like Jack and Jill K you're so kis - sa - ble
L is the love light in your eyes
M, N, O, P -- I could go on all day
Q, R, S, T - al - pha - bet - ic - 'ly spea - king, you're O - K
U made my life com - plete, V means you're ver - y sweet
Doub - le - U, X, Y, Z
It's fun to wan - der through the al - pha - bet with you
To tell you what you mean to me.