April In Paris

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[Fm]April in [Bb]Par - [C]is, [Fm]chestnuts in b[Bb]los - s[C]um,  
[Cm7]Holiday [Bb]ta - b[C]les [C/B]under the t[Gm7]rees. [C7]    
[Bm7-5]April in [E7]Par - [F]is, t[E7]his is a [G#m]feel - [Am]ing   
[Bb9]No one can [B7]ever re - p[E7]rise.
[Fm7]I     [Fdim]never      [Bb9]knew the c[C6]harm of spring,
[Fdim]Never met it [Fm7]face to f[C]ace;
[Am]I    [E7]never knew my h[Am]eart could sing,
[Bb9]Never missed a [B7]warm em - b[E]race
[Dm7]Til     [Fm]A - pril in [Bb]Par - [C]is. [Gdim]Whom can I [Fm7]run     [Bb9]to?    
[Fm7]What have you [Bb9]done     [G7]to my he[C]art?

April in Par - is, chestnuts in blos - sum,
Holiday ta - bles under the trees.
[Bm7-5]April in Par - is, this is a feel - ing
No one can ever re - prise.
I never knew the charm of spring,
Never met it face to face;
I never knew my heart could sing,
Never missed a warm em - brace
Til A - pril in Par - is. Whom can I run to?
What have you done to my heart?

Song Author E. Y. Harburg og Vernon Duke

Performer: Ella Fitzgerald