Be A Child At Christmas Time

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[G5]Be a c[Em7]hild at Chr[G5]istmas t[Em7]ime, w[G5]ith a merry [Gdim]heart     [Cdim] a - g     [D7]low;   
Th[Am7]rough a fr[D9]osty wi[Am7]ndow p[D7]ane, [C]you can [C/B]see the [Cdim]fall - i[D7]ng s   [G]now. [D7]    

T[G5]rim the t[Em7]ree with c[G5]andy c[Em7]anes, [G5]listen to the c[G]hurch [G5]bell [Cdim]chime;     [C]    
[Am7]Say l    [Cdim]ittle p[G9]rayer at n[E7]ight, be[Cdim] a ch[C]ild [C/B]at C    [Cdim]hrist - [D7]mas t[G]ime.

[G5]Only c[Em7]hildren [G5]unders[Em7]tand w[G5]hat a merry [Gdim]heart     [Cdim] can d     [D7]o;   
[Am7]Be a c[D9]hild and [Am7]you'll agr[D7]ee    [C]ev'ryt[C/B]hing is [Cdim]bright a[D7]nd n   [G]ew. [D7]    

[G5]When the [Em7]snow comes d[G5]ancing [Em7]down     [G5]and you hear the c[G]hurch [G5]bell [Cdim]chime,     [C]    
[Am7]Let your [Cdim]heart be y[G9]oung ag[E7]ain -- b[Cdim]e a ch     [C]ild [C/B]at C    [Cdim]hrist - [D7]mas t[G]ime.

Be a child at Christmas time, with a merry heart a - glow;
Through a frosty window pane, you can see the fall - ing snow.

Trim the tree with candy canes, listen to the church bell chime;
Say little prayer at night, be a child at Christ - mas time.

Only children understand what a merry heart can do;
Be a child and you'll agree ev'rything is bright and new.

When the snow comes dancing down and you hear the church bell chime,
Let your heart be young again -- be a child at Christ - mas time.

Song Author Martin Broones og William A. Luce

Lyrics Author Martin Broones og William A. Luce

Performer: Doris Day