Christmas Blues

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The j[D]ingle [Dsus4]bells a      [D]re j[Em]inglin', the st[F#m]reets are white with s[G6]now,   
The h[D]appy [Dsus4]crowds a[D]re m[Em]inglin' but there's [D7]no o   [D6]ne t   [Am]hat   [Am7] I kn    [D9]ow;   
I'm s[G7]ure that [Edim]you'll for[G7]give [G]me if[D] I   [F#7]don't ent[B7]huse --
I gu[G]ess I've [Em7]got the C[Edim]hrist - [A7]mas b[F#7]lues.    [B7]    [G/B]    [A7]    

I've do[D]ne my [Dsus4]win - d      [D]ow s[Em]hopping, there's [F#m]not a store I've mis[G6]sed;   
But w[D]hat's the[Dsus4] use       [D]in s[Em]topping when there's[D7] no    [D6]one    [Am]on    [Am7]your     [D9]list?
You'll k[G7]now the[Edim] way I'm f[G7]eeling wh[G]en you l[D]ove [F#7]and you l[B7]ose --
I g[G]uess I've [Em7]got the [Edim]Christ - [A7]mas bl[D]ues. [Bm7]    

When s[F#7]omebody w[B7]ants you, [F#7]somebody ne[B7]eds you,
C[Em]hristmas is the [Am7]joy of j[Em]oys;   
But [C#7]friends, when you're l[F#m]onely, you [C#7]find that it's [F#m]only    
A t[F#m7]hing for little [B7]girls and little b[E7]oys. [A7]    

May a[D]ll your[Dsus4] days b      [D]e   [Em]merry, your [F#m]seasons full of c[G6]heer,
But '[D]til it's[Dsus4] Jan - u[D] -   [Em]ar - y, I'll just [D7]go    [D6]and    [Am]dis -[Am7] ap - p[D9]ear;   
Ol' S[G7]anta [Edim]may have br[G7]ought [G]you some s[D]tars [F#7]for your [B7]shoes --
But S[G]anta [G/F#]only bro[E7]ught   [Bm7-5] me the b[F#7]lues;    
Those [E7/9]brightly - [E7]packaged, [Cdim]tinsel - [Bm7-5]covered C[G/B]hrist - [A7]mas    [D]blues.

The jingle bells are jinglin', the streets are white with snow,
The happy crowds are minglin' but there's no one that I know;
I'm sure that you'll forgive me if I don't enthuse --
I guess I've got the Christ - mas blues.

I've done my win - dow shopping, there's not a store I've missed;
But what's the use in stopping when there's no one on your list?
You'll know the way I'm feeling when you love and you lose --
I guess I've got the Christ - mas blues.

When somebody wants you, somebody needs you,
Christmas is the joy of joys;
But friends, when you're lonely, you find that it's only
A thing for little girls and little boys.

May all your days be merry, your seasons full of cheer,
But 'til it's Jan - u - ar - y, I'll just go and dis - ap - pear;
Ol' Santa may have brought you some stars for your shoes --
But Santa only brought[Bm7-5] me the blues;
Those brightly - packaged, tinsel - [Bm7-5]covered Christ - mas blues.

Song Author David Holt og Sammy Cahn

Lyrics Author David Holt og Sammy Cahn

Performer: Dean Martin