Close Your Eyes

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[E7-9]Under a m[A9]idnight sky, [Dm6]    
[E7-9]Watching a s[F]ingle s[Am]tar.   
[A7]Thrilled by the b[G]eauty [G9]up ab[C]ove.
Al[E]one, just [E7-9]you and [E7]I,   
[E7-9]With just a [F]soft gui[Am]tar,   
T[F]hrilled by the [E7-9]beauty [E7]of our l[Am]ove.   

[Am]Close your [Dm]eyes,
[Am]Rest your h[Dm]ead    [D9]on    [Em]my s   [F]houl -[F7/6] der a     [F]nd s[E7]leep.
[E7-9]Close      [E7]your e[Am]yes, and[Fdim] I will close m[Am]ine.   

[Am]Close your [Dm]eyes,
[Am]Let's prete[Dm]nd t   [D9]hat    [Em]we're b[F]oth [F7/6]count - [F]ing s[E7]heep.
[E7-9]Close      [E7]your e[Am]yes -- t[Fdim]his is div[Am]ine. [A7]    

[A]Music p[Em7]lays [A7]    
[Em7]Something dr[A7]eamy for da[Em7]ncing, w[A7]hile we're ro - [Edim]manc - i[A7]ng,   
It's [Cdim]loves holid[Am7]ay.    
And l[Dm7]ove will [F]be our [E7-9]guide.     

[Am]Close your [Dm]eyes,
[Am]When you [Dm]o -    [D9]pen t[Dm]hem, De[F]ar, [F7/6]I'll      [F]be n[E7]ear   
[E7-9]By y     [E7]our s[Am]ide.   
[E7-9] So won't you [Fdim]close your e[Am]yes?   
[Fdim]Close      [E7+5]your eye[A]s.  

[E7-9]Under a midnight sky,
[E7-9]Watching a single star.
Thrilled by the beauty up above.
Alone, just [E7-9]you and I,
[E7-9]With just a soft guitar,
Thrilled by the [E7-9]beauty of our love.

Close your eyes,
Rest your head on my shoul - der and sleep.
[E7-9]Close your eyes, and I will close mine.

Close your eyes,
Let's pretend that we're both count - ing sheep.
[E7-9]Close your eyes -- this is divine.

Music plays
Something dreamy for dancing, while we're ro - manc - ing,
It's loves holiday.
And love will be our [E7-9]guide.

Close your eyes,
When you o - pen them, Dear, I'll be near
[E7-9]By your side.
[E7-9] So won't you close your eyes?
Close your eyes.

Song Author Bernice Petkere

Lyrics Author Bernice Petkere

Performer: Doris Day