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Capo on 2nd fret
[F]Morning grows n[G6]ear, oh I wi[Am]sh you were h[Em9]ere,    
as I to[F]ss and I [G6]turn in my b[Am]ed. [Em9]    
[F]I long for your t[G6]ouch and I m[Am]iss you so [Em9]much    
and the s[F]ilence has [G6]torn me to sh[Am]reds. [Em9]    

But e[F]ven in l[G6]onging, I [Am]still feel the[Em9] pronging
of mi[F]sery's p[G6]oisonous c[Am]laws, [Em9]    
when [F]in your perf[G6]ection I c[Am]atch my refl[Em9]ection
and i[F]n it my [G6]numerous f[Am]laws. [C]    

B[F]abe, d[G]on't be a[Am]fraid,
y[Em9]ou know I [F]love you with[G] all of my[Am] heart.[Em9]    
P[F]lease l[G]isten to [Am]me,   
d[C]on't let those w[F]icked thoughts t[G]ear us a[Am]part.[Em9]    

[F]    [G6]    [Am]    [Em9]    
[F]    [G6]    [Am]    [Em9]    
You're br[F]ave and you're s[G6]trong, I am t[Am]imid and[Em9] wrong,
you're a di[F]amond an[G6]d I am but [Am]coal. [Em9]    
You're the mo[F]on and the s[G6]tars, I am [Am]ashes and t[Em9]ar,    
you're a ni[F]ghtingale [G6]I am a m[Am]ole. [Em9]    

B[F]abe, d[G]on't think that w[Am]ay,   
the[C]se are the d[F]emons that [G]bite at your[Am] soul[C].  
Ple[F]ase, c[G]ome back to m[Am]e,   
you're l[Em9]osing your [F]mind and you're [G]out of c[Am]ontrol.[C]    

[F]    [G6]    [Am]    [Em9]    
[F]    [G6]    [Am]    [Em9]    
[F]    [G6]    [Am]    [Em9]    
[F]    [G6]    [Am]    [Em9]    
Well, th[F]is is my cu[G]rse and it ke[Am]eps getting w[Em9]orse    
as I c[F]an't hold these b[G]ad thoughts at [Am]bay. [Em9]    
So I'll wh[F]ine and I'll [G]moan and I'll c[Am]ry on the [Em9]phone    
'till I f[F]inally d[G]rive you a[Am]way. [Em9]    
And th[F]en I will r[G]ide with my d[Am]eflated p[Em9]ride    
and the w[F]armth of the bl[G]ood in my sho[Am]e, [Em9]    
'till an u[F]gly old [G]scar and a b[Am]roken guit[Em9]ar    
will be a[F]ll that rem[G]inds me of y[Am]ou. [Em9]    

[F]Lalalala[G6]lala.... r[Am]epeat... [Em9]    

Capo on 2nd fret
Morning grows near, oh I wish you were here,
as I toss and I turn in my bed.
I long for your touch and I miss you so much
and the silence has torn me to shreds.

But even in longing, I still feel the pronging
of misery's poisonous claws,
when in your perfection I catch my reflection
and in it my numerous flaws.

Babe, don't be afraid,
you know I love you with all of my heart.
Please listen to me,
don't let those wicked thoughts tear us apart.

You're brave and you're strong, I am timid and wrong,
you're a diamond and I am but coal.
You're the moon and the stars, I am ashes and tar,
you're a nightingale I am a mole.

Babe, don't think that way,
these are the demons that bite at your soul.
Please, come back to me,
you're losing your mind and you're out of control.

Well, this is my curse and it keeps getting worse
as I can't hold these bad thoughts at bay.
So I'll whine and I'll moan and I'll cry on the phone
'till I finally drive you away.
And then I will ride with my deflated pride
and the warmth of the blood in my shoe,
'till an ugly old scar and a broken guitar
will be all that reminds me of you.

Lalalalalala.... repeat...

Song Author Svavar Knútur

Lyrics Author Svavar Knútur

Performer: Svavar Knútur