Gal In Calico

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[D9]Met a [Em7]gal in [Edim]cal - i - [D]co   [G]down in [Em7]Santa    [A7/6] Fe;     
[D6]Used to [F#m]be her [Bm7]Sunday [Cdim]beau '     [G]til I [Cdim]rode aw[A7]ay.   
[D]Do I w[D6]ant h[D]er? [Cdim] Do I want her l[A7]ove? [Cdim] Yes sir[A7]ree.   
[D]Will I [D6]win h[D]er? [F#m]Will I[Cdim] win her l[G]ove? [Em7]Wait and [A7]see.   

[D9]Workin' w[Em7]ith the[Edim] ro - de - [D]o,   [G]go from [Em7]town to [A7/6]town,     
[D6]See most [F#m]ev'ry [Bm7]kinda    [Cdim] gal,      [G]ev'ry [Cdim]kind of [A7]gown;
But w[D]ho made [D6]my heart s[D7]ing    [D6]yipee [G9]yi,    [G]yipee [Gm7]yo?    
[Edim] My l     [D]ittle [F#m]gal in [Em7]cal -    [A7] i - [D]co.  

I'll t[D9]ake my[Em7] gal in[Edim] cal - i - c[D]o d  [G]own in [Em7]Santa    [A7/6] Fe     
[D6]Guess I [F#m]better [Bm7]let her[Cdim] know      [G]that I [Cdim]feel this [A7]way.   
[D]Is she w[D6]ait - [D]in'? [Cdim] Is she waitin'? S[A7]he'd [Cdim]better b[A7]e!   
[D]Am I [D6]ho - p[D]in'  [Cdim] to be ropin' [A7]her? [Cdim] Yes sir[A7]ree!   
[D9]Gonna [Em7]quit the[Edim] ro - de - [D]o,   [G]gonna [Em7]settle d[A7/6]own,     
[D6]Buy a b[F#m]olt of [Bm7]cal - i [Cdim]- co f     [G]or a [Cdim]wedding [A7]gown.
And w[D]ill I fe[D6]nce her [D7]in?    [D6]Yipee [G9]yi,    [G]yipee [Gm7]yo!    
[Edim] My l     [D]ittle [F#m]gal in [Em7]cal - [A7]i -    [D]co,  [F#7]    [B7] l   [G]ittle[G/F#] gal in [Em7]cal -    [A7] i - [D]co.  

Met a gal in cal - i - co down in Santa Fe;
Used to be her Sunday beau 'til I rode away.
Do I want her? Do I want her love? Yes sirree.
Will I win her? Will I win her love? Wait and see.

Workin' with the ro - de - o, go from town to town,
See most ev'ry kinda gal, ev'ry kind of gown;
But who made my heart sing yipee yi, yipee yo?
My little gal in cal - i - co.

I'll take my gal in cal - i - co down in Santa Fe
Guess I better let her know that I feel this way.
Is she wait - in'? Is she waitin'? She'd better be!
Am I ho - pin' to be ropin' her? Yes sirree!
Gonna quit the ro - de - o, gonna settle down,
Buy a bolt of cal - i - co for a wedding gown.
And will I fence her in? Yipee yi, yipee yo!
My little gal in cal - i - co, little gal in cal - i - co.

Song Author Arthur Schwartz og Leo Robin

Performer: Johnny Mercer