Gimme A Little Kiss

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[G]Gimme a little [Em7]kiss, [C]will you, [Am7]huh?    
[C]Whadda ya gonna [Cdim]miss,      [Am7]will you, h[G]uh?  
G[G9]osh oh [Edim]gee, w     [C]hy do[Cdim] you ref[C]use?
[D9]I can't [Edim]see wh     [G]at you [Cdim]gonna l[G]ose.
[G]Gimme a little [Em7]squeez[C]e, will yo[Am7]u, huh?
[B7]Why do you wanna [B7/F#]make me b[Em]lue? [G7]    
I [Cm7/6]wouldn't say a [Cdim]word if I were [Am7]asking for the [Edim]world,     
But [G6]what's a little [Edim]kiss between a [Am7]fella and his [D7/9]girl?     
[G]Gimme a little [Em7]kiss, [C]will you, [Am7]huh?    
And I'll [C]give it [Am7]right b[D7]ack   [Cdim] to y     [G]ou.  

Gimme a little kiss, will you, huh?
Whadda ya gonna miss, will you, huh?
Gosh oh gee, why do you refuse?
I can't see what you gonna lose.
Gimme a little squeeze, will you, huh?
Why do you wanna make me blue?
I wouldn't say a word if I were asking for the world,
But what's a little kiss between a fella and his girl?
Gimme a little kiss, will you, huh?
And I'll give it right back to you.