Goody Goody

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[E7]So you m[A]et some[D9]one who s[A]et you back[Cdim] on your h[A]eels --
G[A]ood - y, [Ab7]good - [A]y.  
[E7]So you m[A]et some[D9]one and n[A]ow you know[C#m7-5] how it f[F#7]eels --
G[F#7]ood - y, [Cdim]good -     [F#7] y    
So you [Bm]gave him [Edim]your heart [Bm]too,   
J[F#7]ust as [Bm]I gave [F#7]mine    [Edim] to      [Bm]you   
And he [B7]broke it in [D9]lit - tle [Cdim]piec - es [B7]--   
[D9]Now how[Bm7-5] do you [E7]do?   
[E7]So you l[A]ie aw[D9]ake just [A]singin' the [Cdim]blues all [A]night --
G[A]ood - y, [Ab7]good - [A]y  
So you th[A]ink that l[E7]ove's a b[A]arrel of[Edim] dy - na - m[D9]ite.   
Hoo - [Dm7]ray and [D6]hal - le -[Dm+7] lu - jah,[Dm6]    
You [Am7]had i    [C#m7-5]t com - ing[F#7] to ya.
[E7]Good - y, g[A]ood - y[Edim] for      [D9]him,   
G[A]ood - y,[C#m7-5] good - y [Gdim] for      [F#7]me,    
And I [Dm7]hope you're [D6]sat - is - [E7/6]fied, you[Bm7-5] ras - cal, y[A]ou!  

So you met someone who set you back on your heels --
Good - y, good - y.
So you met someone and now you know[C#m7-5] how it feels --
Good - y, good - y
So you gave him your heart too,
Just as I gave mine to you
And he broke it in lit - tle piec - es --
Now how[Bm7-5] do you do?
So you lie awake just singin' the blues all night --
Good - y, good - y
So you think that love's a barrel of dy - na - mite.
Hoo - ray and hal - le - lu - jah,
You had i[C#m7-5]t com - ing to ya.
Good - y, good - y for him,
Good - y,[C#m7-5] good - y for me,
And I hope you're sat - is - fied, you[Bm7-5] ras - cal, you!

Song Author Johnny Mercer og Matty Malneck

Performer: Julie London