I Wonder Whos Kissing Her Now?

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[A7]I w   [D]onder who's k[A7]issing her n[D]ow?  
[D7]Wonder who's t[F#7]eaching her how[G]?  
[Em7]Wonder who's l[A7]ooking [D]into her [Bm7]eyes    
[Bm7-5]Breathing s[E7]ighs, t[Em7]elling l[A7]ies?   

[A7]I w   [D]onder who's b[A7]uying the wi[D]ne,  
[D]For lips that I [B7]used to call m[G]ine?
I w[G/F#]onder if [E7]she ever t[D]ells [Dm7]him     [F#7]of     [B7]me?   
I [G]wonder who's [A7]kissing her n[D]ow?  

I wonder who's kissing her now?
Wonder who's teaching her how?
Wonder who's looking into her eyes
[Bm7-5]Breathing sighs, telling lies?

I wonder who's buying the wine,
For lips that I used to call mine?
I wonder if she ever tells him of me?
I wonder who's kissing her now?