Just One Of Those Things

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[B7]It was j[Em]ust    [B+]    [Em7]one of t[Em6]hose th[B7]ings,
[G]Just [Em7]one of those c[C]razy f[Cdim]lings,     
[G6]One [G/F#]of those be[E7]lls that n[C]ow a[Am7]nd then [Cdim]rings,     
[G6]Just [Em]one of [F#m]those th[B7]ings.

[B7]It was j[Em]ust    [B+]    [Em7]one of t[Em6]hose ni[B7]ghts,
[G]Just [Em7]one of t[G/B]hose fa[C]bulous f[Cdim]lights,
A [G6]trip to the [E7]moon on[C] go  [Am7]ssamer [Cdim]wings,     
[G6]Just [G/F#]    [Em7]one of t[Am7]hose t[B7]hings.

[Am]If we'd th[Am+7]ought a [Am7]bit     [Am6]of the [B7]end of it
When we st[G]arted [G/F#]painting [Em]the t[B7]own,   
[C]We'd have [C/B]been a[Am7]ware     [Am7/G]that our [Gdim]love      [A-9]af -     [A7]fair   
Was [C]too [C/B]hot     [Am]not to c[Am7]ool d    [B7]own.   

[B7]So, good[Em]bye,   [B+]    [Em7]dear, and[Em6] a -     [B7]men!   
[G]Here's [G7]hoping we m[C]eet now and [Cdim]then.     
It was g[G]reat [E7]fun, but it was j[C]ust  [Cdim] one of t[D9]hose th[G]ings!

It was just one of those things,
Just one of those crazy flings,
One of those bells that now and then rings,
Just one of those things.

It was just one of those nights,
Just one of those fabulous flights,
A trip to the moon on gossamer wings,
Just one of those things.

If we'd thought a bit of the end of it
When we started painting the town,
We'd have been aware that our love [A-9]af - fair
Was too hot not to cool down.

So, goodbye, dear, and a - men!
Here's hoping we meet now and then.
It was great fun, but it was just one of those things!

Song Author Cole Porter

Performer: Ella Fitzgerald