Lullabye of birdland

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[Cm]Lullaby of [A]Birdland [D7b9]thats what I[G7b9]    
[Cm]always her [F7]when you s[Bb7]igh.    
[Eb]Never in my [Cm]word-land
[F7]could there be way[Bb7]s to reveal,[Eb]    
in a phrase[D] how I f[G7]eel.   

[Cm]Have you ever [A]heard two [D7b9]turtle dove[G7b9]s     
[Cm]bill and coo [F7]when they lo[Bb7]ve?    
[Eb]Thats the kind of [Cm]magic
[F7]music we mak[Bb7]e with our lips[Eb]    

[Bb7b9]    [Eb]    
when we kiss.

[G]And there's a [C7#9]weepy old wil[Fm]low,   
[F]he really [Bb7b9]knows how to c[Eb]ry!   
[G]Thats how I'd [C7#9]cry in my pil[Fm]low,   
[F]If you should [Bb7b9]tell me farewell[Eb] and goodby[D]e.  [G7#9]    

[Cm]Lullaby of [A]Birdland [D7b9]whisper low[G7b9],     
[Cm]kiss me sweet [F7]and we'll g[Bb7]o    
[Gm]flyin' high in [Cm]Birdland,
[F7]high in the sky[Bb7b9] up above[Eb]    [Bb7b9]    
we're in [Eb]love.[G7#9]    

Lullaby of Birdland thats what I
always her when you sigh.
Never in my word-land
could there be ways to reveal,
in a phrase how I feel.

Have you ever heard two turtle doves
bill and coo when they love?
Thats the kind of magic
music we make with our lips

when we kiss.

And there's a weepy old willow,
he really knows how to cry!
Thats how I'd cry in my pillow,
If you should tell me farewell and goodbye.

Lullaby of Birdland whisper low,
kiss me sweet and we'll go
flyin' high in Birdland,
high in the sky up above
we're in love.

Song Author George Shearing

Lyrics Author George David Weiss

Performer: Ella Fitzgerald