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L[G7/13]ook at me,[Cm7] I'm as h[Gm7]elpless as a [Bbº]kitten up a [Fm7]tree, [F6]    
And I feel like I'm c[Fm]linging to a cl[Gm]oud;   
I [Cm7]can't underst[Am7]and, I get m[Dm7]isty just h[G7]olding your h[E7]and. [A7]    [D7]    [G9]    
[G7/13]Walk my way [Cm7] and a [Gm7]thousand [Bbº]violins begin to [Fm7]play [F6]    
Or it might be the s[Fm]ound of your hel[Gm]lo,   
That [Cm7]music I h[Am7]ear, I get [Dm7]misty, the [G7]moment you're n[C]ear. []    [C]    

You can s[Cm7]ay that you're [Gm]leading me [Gm7]on, [Gm7]    
But it's [Bbm7/5-]just what I w[Fm7]ant you to d[F6]o.   
Don't you notice how h[E7]opelessly I'm [D7]lost?
[Am7/5-]That's why I'm fo[D7]l - lowing y[G7]ou. [Am7/5-]    [Bbº]    [G7]    
[G7/13]On my own,[Cm7] would I w[Gm7]ander through this [Bbdim]wonderland a[Fm7]lone, [F6]    
Never knowing my r[Fm]ight foot from my l[Gm]eft,   
My [Cm7]hat from my g[Am7]love?    
I'm too [Dm7]misty and t[G7]oo much in lo[Eb7]ve. [A7]    
I'm too m[Dm7]ist - y and[G4/7] too [G7]much in [Cm7]love. [F6]    [Cm7]    

Look at me, I'm as helpless as a [Bbº]kitten up a tree,
And I feel like I'm clinging to a cloud;
I can't understand, I get misty just holding your hand.
Walk my way and a thousand [Bbº]violins begin to play
Or it might be the sound of your hello,
That music I hear, I get misty, the moment you're near. [Fº]

You can say that you're leading me on,
But it's [Bbm7/5-]just what I want you to do.
Don't you notice how hopelessly I'm lost?
[Am7/5-]That's why I'm fol - lowing you. [Am7/5-] [Bbº]
On my own, would I wander through this wonderland alone,
Never knowing my right foot from my left,
My hat from my glove?
I'm too misty and too much in love.
I'm too mist - y and too much in love.

Song Author Johnny Mathis