On the Street Where You Live

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[Am7]I h    [D7]ave    [G6]often w[Em]alked [Am7] d    [D9]own t[Am7]his st[G]reet bef[Am7]ore, [G]    
[Am7]But     [D7]the    [G+7]pavement [B7]always [Em7/9]stayed b[Am7alt]eneath my f[Am7]eet bef[D7]ore;   
[Am7]All     [Em7]at     [Cm7]once am[Em7] I     [A7/9] s     [D9]everal s[G]tories h[G/F#]igh, [Em]    
[Em7]Know     [Em7sus4]- ing I        [C]'m   [Am]on    [Am7]the s    [Cdim]treet      [Gdim]where      [D7]you l[G6]ive.   [Edim]    [Am7]    

Are t[D7]here [G6]lilac t[Em]rees   [Am7]    [D9]in    [Am7]the he[G]art of [Am7]town? [G]    
[Am7]Can     [D7]you    [G+7]hear a l[B7]ark in [Em7/9]an - y       [Am7alt] oth - er p[Am7]art of [D7]town?
[Am7]Does     [Em7]en - c[Cm7]hantment p[Em7]our     [A7/9] o     [D9]ut of [G]every d[G/F#]oor? [Em]    
[Em7]No,     [Em7sus4] it's j        [C]ust [Am]on    [Am7]the s    [Cdim]treet      [Gdim]where      [D7]you l[G]ive. [Am7alt]    [G]    

B7 CM7 CM7/6 Cm7 Cm7/6
And oh, the towering feeling,
Just to [Cdim]know      [D7] somehow you are [G6]near;
The[Gdim] o - ver -[C#m7-5] powering [F#7]feeling
That any [Bm7]second[Bm7/E] you may [E7]sudden[A7]ly app[D7]ear.   

[Am7]Peo - [D7]ple s[G6]top and s[Em]tare; [Am7] t    [D9]hey    [Am7]don't [G]bother [Am7]me, [G]    
[Am7]For th[D7]ere's [G+7]nowhere [B7]else on [Em7/9]earth that[Am7alt] I would [Am7]rather [D7]be.   
[Am7]Let     [Em7]the     [Cm7]time go [Em7]by -    [A7/9]-      [Cdim] I w     [B7]on't c[G9]are if[G/F#] I [Em]    
[Em7]Can     [Em7sus4] be h        [C]ere [Am]on    [Am7]the s    [Cdim]treet      [Gdim]where      [D7]you l[G6]ive.   

I have often walked down this street before,
But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before;
All at once am I several stories high,
Know - ing I'm on the street where you live.

Are there lilac trees in the heart of town?
Can you hear a lark in an - y oth - er part of town?
Does en - chantment pour out of every door?
No, it's just on the street where you live.

B7 CM7 CM7/6 Cm7 Cm7/6
And oh, the towering feeling,
Just to know somehow you are near;
The o - ver -[C#m7-5] powering feeling
That any second you may suddenly appear.

Peo - ple stop and stare; they don't bother me,
For there's nowhere else on earth that I would rather be.
Let the time go by -- I won't care if I
Can be here on the street where you live.

Song Author Alan Jay Lerner og Frederick Loewe

Performer: Andy Williams