Once In A While

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On[C]ce in a whi[G]le, [Am7]    
Will you t[G]ry to give [Em]one little t[B+]hought to [A7]me, [Gdim]    
Though s[Dm]omebody [Dm+7]else      [Dm7]may     [G7]be   
N[Fdim]earer your he[C]art? [Gdim]    [Dm7]    [G7]    

O[C]nce in a wh[G]ile, [Am7]    
Will you d[G]ream of the [Em]moments I s[B+]hared with y[A7]ou, [Gdim]    
Mo[Dm]ments bef[Dm+7]ore      [Dm7]we t    [G7]wo   
D[Fdim]rifted a[C]part.[Fdim]    [C]    [C/B]    

In lo[E]ve's [C#m7-5]smoldering [F#m7]ember, [B7]    
[E]One [C#m7-5]spark can r[F#m7]emain; [B7]    
If l[E]ove [C#m7-5]still can r[F#m7]emember[B7],   
That sp[E]ark may [Edim]burn a     [Dm7]gain. [Fdim]    

[C]I know that [G]I'll [Am7]    
Be cont[G]ented with y[Em]esterday's m[B+]em - o - [A7]ry, [Gdim]    
Kn[Dm]owing you [Dm+7]think      [Dm7]of m    [G7]e   
[Fdim]Once in a wh[C]ile, [C/B]    [A7]    [A-9]    [A7]    
Kno[Dm]wing you [Dm+7]think      [Dm7]of m    [G7]e   
[Dm7]Once     [Dm7-5] in       [Fdim] a whi[C]le. [C/B]    [Am7]    [Am7/G]    [Dm7]    [Dm7-5]    [Fdim]    [C]    

Once in a while,
Will you try to give one little thought to me,
Though somebody else may be
Nearer your heart?

Once in a while,
Will you dream of the moments I shared with you,
Moments before we two
Drifted apart.

In love's [C#m7-5]smoldering ember,
One [C#m7-5]spark can remain;
If love [C#m7-5]still can remember,
That spark may burn again.

I know that I'll
Be contented with yesterday's mem - o - ry,
Knowing you think of me
Once in a while, [A-9]
Knowing you think of me
Once [Dm7-5] in a while. [Dm7-5]

Song Author Bud Green og Michael Edwards

Performer: The Chimes