One Morning In May

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O[D]ne m[B7]orning in [E7]May,   [Bm7-5] don't for -[Cdim] get, d[A7]ear   
[Fdim]That o     [D]ne w[B7]onderful d[E7]ay    [Bm7-5]when we [Cdim]met, d     [A7]ear   
[Fdim]The wo[D]rld [D7]o -   [D7/9] ver      [D9]was b[G]lue [Bm7-5]clover      
And l[G]ife [G/F#] c     [Em7]are - [Em6]free and [A7]gay    [Em7]    [Cdim]    [A7]    

[D]One [B7]morning in [E7]May,   [Bm7-5] oh, the [Cdim]rap - t[A7]ure,   
[Fdim]To - n     [D]ight d[B7]arling, I p[E7]ray    [Bm7-5] to re -[Cdim] cap - [A7]ture   
[Fdim]Just o     [D]ne   [D7]ho -   [D7/9] ur,      [D9]    [G]one [Bm7-5]flow -      [E7-9] er     
F[D]rom l[Bm7]ove's [G]fa -[Edim] ded bouq[D]uet.

K[G]iss -[G/F#] es that c[A7]ame w[Em7]ith the fl[D]ame  [F#m] of s    [Edim]pring - [Bm7]time    
[G]Burn [G/F#]- ing your n[A7]ame   [Edim] in my he[D]art  
[Cdim]Prec - i[B7]ous   [Cdim] to me l[B7]ike a [E]ro - sa -[C#m7] ry     
N[E]ow t[D9]hat    [E7/6]we're     [Bm7-5] a - p      [A]art [Am7]    [A7]    

[D]One [B7]morning in [E7]May    [Bm7-5] to re -[Cdim] mem - [A7]ber   
[Fdim]That      [D]love s[B7]molders aw[E7]ay    [Bm7-5] to an      [Cdim] em -      [A7]ber   
[Fdim]And dr     [D]eams [D7]per -[D7/9] ish,      [D9] w   [G]e'll [Bm7-5]still       [E7-9]cherish
That [D]one, [Bm7] one [G]morning[Edim] in M     [D]ay.  

One morning in May,[Bm7-5] don't for - get, dear
That one wonderful day [Bm7-5]when we met, dear
The world o - ver was blue [Bm7-5]clover
And life care - free and gay

One morning in May,[Bm7-5] oh, the rap - ture,
To - night darling, I pray [Bm7-5] to re - cap - ture
Just one ho - ur, one [Bm7-5]flow -[E7-9] er
From love's fa - ded bouquet.

Kiss - es that came with the flame of spring - time
Burn - ing your name in my heart
Prec - ious to me like a ro - sa - ry
Now that we're[Bm7-5] a - part

One morning in May [Bm7-5] to re - mem - ber
That love smolders away [Bm7-5] to an em - ber
And dreams per - ish, we'll [Bm7-5]still [E7-9]cherish
That one, one morning in May.

Song Author Hoagy Carmichael og Mitchell Parish

Performer: Mel Tormé