Only Forever

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[D]Do I w[A7]ant    [G]to   [A7]be w   [D]ith you [G]    [D]    
As [Am7]the y    [D7]ears [Am7]come     [D7]and    [G]go? [B7]    [E7]    
[G/E]On -    [Cdim] ly      [Am]for -[Gm7] ev - er, [A7]    
If[Edim] you care[Gdim] to kn     [D]ow.  

[D]Would I g[A7]rant a[G]ll   [A7]your w[D]ishes [G]    [D]    
And [Am7]be pr    [D7]oud   [Am7] of t    [D7]he t   [G]ask?[B7]    [E7]    
[G/E]On -    [Cdim] ly      [Am]for -[Gm7] ev - er, [A7]    
If [Edim]someone s[Gdim]hould      [D]ask.

[G]How long would it take me to be [Gdim]near if you [D]beckon?
Off [F#7]hand I would f[B7]igure [E7]less   [Bm7-5] than a s[A7]econd.

[D]Do you th[A7]ink I[G]'ll [A7]rem   [D]ember [G]    [D]    
How [Am7]you l    [D7]ooked w[Am7]hen y    [D7]ou s   [G]mile[B7]? [E7]    
[G/E]On -    [Cdim] ly      [Am]for -[Gm7] ev - er, [A7]    
That's [Edim]puttin'[Gdim] it m     [D]ild.

Do I want to be with you
As the years come and go?
On - ly for - ev - er,
If you care to know.

Would I grant all your wishes
And be proud of the task?
On - ly for - ev - er,
If someone should ask.

How long would it take me to be near if you beckon?
Off hand I would figure less[Bm7-5] than a second.

Do you think I'll remember
How you looked when you smile?
On - ly for - ev - er,
That's puttin' it mild.

Song Author Burke og Monaco

Performer: Bing Crosby