Prisoner of Love

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Al[E7/9]one from [Bm7-5]night to night you'll f[A7/6]ind me, [A7]    
[Dalt]Too weak to [D]break the ch[D6]ains that [F#m]bind me; [Bb9]    
[Em]I need no [G/B]shackles to re[A7/6]mind me [Edim]    
[Bm]I'm just a[Bm7-5] prisoner of [Em7]love. [G/B]    [A7]    

[E7/9]For one co[Bm7-6]mmand I stand and[A7/6] wait now,[A7]    
[Dalt]From one who's [D]master [D6]of my [F#m]fate now;[Bb9]    
[Em]I can't es[G/B]cape, for it's too [A7/6]late now [Edim]--     
[D]I'm just a [Gm]prisoner of l[D]ove.

What's the [F#m]good of my [C#m7-5]caring       
If s[F#m]omeone is [C#7]sharing those [F#m]arms     [B9]with [F#m]me?     [C#7]    
Although[F#m] she has [C#m7-5]another,       
I [F#m]can't have [C#7]another, for [F#]I'm    [C#7]not f    [A7]ree.   

[E7/9]She's in my [Bm7-5]dreams, awake or s[A7/6]leeping, [A7]    
[Dalt]Upon my k[D]nees to [D6]her I'm c[F#m]reeping; [Bb9]    
[Em]My very l[G/B]ife is in her [A7/6]keeping -[Edim]-     
[D]I'm just a [Gm]prisoner of l[D]ove.

Alone from [Bm7-5]night to night you'll find me,
Too weak to break the chains that bind me;
I need no shackles to remind me
I'm just a[Bm7-5] prisoner of love.

For one co[Bm7-6]mmand I stand and wait now,
From one who's master of my fate now;
I can't escape, for it's too late now --
I'm just a prisoner of love.

What's the good of my [C#m7-5]caring
If someone is sharing those arms with me?
Although she has [C#m7-5]another,
I can't have another, for I'm not free.

She's in my [Bm7-5]dreams, awake or sleeping,
Upon my knees to her I'm creeping;
My very life is in her keeping --
I'm just a prisoner of love.

Song Author Glarence Gaskill , Leo Robin og Russ Columbo

Performer: Perry Como