Some Enchanted Evening

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S[A]ome ench[E7]anted [A]evening [D9]    [A]    [Am7]you may [Cdim]see a st[E7]ranger [D9]    [E7]    
[E7]You may[Bm7-5] see a str[A]anger[D9]    [A7] a - [Edim]cross     [A7] a c   [Dm7]rowded r[D6]oom   
And [F#m]somehow you [E7]know, you [Fdim]know even [F#m]then     [B7]    
That s[D9]omewhere you'll[Bm7-5] see       [E7]her    [D9]a - g[E7]ain    [Fdim]and      [Bm7-5] a - g      [A]ain  [F#m]    [Bm7]    [E7]    

[A]Some enc[E7]hanted e[A]vening, [D9]    [A] s[Am7]omeone[Cdim] may be [E7]laughing [D9]    [E7]    
[E7]You may[Bm7-5] hear her la[A]ughin[D9]g    [A7] a   [Edim]cross     [A7] a c   [Dm7]rowded r[D6]oom   
And [F#m]night after [E7]night, as [Fdim]strange as it s[F#m]eems     [B7]    
The [D9]sound of her l[Bm7-5]augh - t[E7]er w   [D9]ill s[E7]ing   [Fdim] in      [Bm7-5]your dr      [A]eams [D9]    [A]    [A7]    

[D9]Who can exp[F#m]lain it,[Fdim] who can [E7]tell you [A]why  
[D9]Fools give you r[A]easons, w[B7]ise men[Bm7-5] never t[E]ry   [D9]    [Edim]    [E7]    

S[A]ome ench[E7]anted [A]evening,[D9]    [A] w[Am7]hen you [Cdim]find your t[E7]rue love [D9]    [E7]    
W[E7]hen you[Bm7-5] feel her c[A]all [D9]    [A7] you a - c[Edim]ross      [A7]a c   [Dm7]rowded [D6]room   
Then [F#m]fly to her s[E]ide and [Fdim]make her your [F#m]own     [B7]    
Or a[D9]ll through your[Bm7-5] life y      [E7]ou    [D9]may d[E7]ream   [Fdim] all      [Bm7-5] a - l      [A]one [D9]    [A]    [A7]    
O[D9]nce you have f[F#m]ound her, [Fdim]never let her [A]go  
[D9]Once you have [F#m]found her, [Bm]nev    [Bm7/E]- er       [Bm7-5] let       [Dm6]her     [A]go.  

Some enchanted evening you may see a stranger
You may[Bm7-5] see a stranger a - cross a crowded room
And somehow you know, you know even then
That somewhere you'll[Bm7-5] see her a - gain and [Bm7-5] a - gain

Some enchanted evening, someone may be laughing
You may[Bm7-5] hear her laughing across a crowded room
And night after night, as strange as it seems
The sound of her l[Bm7-5]augh - ter will sing in [Bm7-5]your dreams

Who can explain it, who can tell you why
Fools give you reasons, wise men[Bm7-5] never try

Some enchanted evening, when you find your true love
When you[Bm7-5] feel her call you a - cross a crowded room
Then fly to her side and make her your own
Or all through your[Bm7-5] life you may dream all [Bm7-5] a - lone
Once you have found her, never let her go
Once you have found her, nev - er [Bm7-5] let her go.