Speak Softly, Love

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[Am]Speak s[E7]oftly, l[Am]ove, and h[E7]old me [Dm7]warm ag[Fdim]ainst your hea[Am]rt;   
I h[E7]ear your w[Am]ords, the [Am+7]tender, [F#m]trembling [F#m7]moments s[Dm]tart.
We're[Dm+7] in a w[Dm7]orld, [G7] our very o[Am]wn,   
Sharing a l[Dm]ove that onl[E7sus4]y few have [E7]ever kn[Am]own.   

Wine colored [G7/B]days [G7] warmed by the s[C]un,  
Deep, velvet ni[Bb]ghts [Dm] when we are o[E]ne.  
[Am]Speak [E7]softly, l[Am]ove, so[E7] no one [Dm7]hears us[Fdim] but the [Am]sky.   
The [E7]vows of l[Am]ove we [Am+7]make will [F#m]live un[F#m7]til we [Dm]die.   
My [Dm+7]life is y[Dm7]ours, [G7] and all bec[Am]ause   
You [Dm]came into my [E7sus4]world so [E7]softly l[Am]ove.   

Speak softly, love, and hold me warm against your heart;
I hear your words, the tender, trembling moments start.
We're in a world, our very own,
Sharing a love that only few have ever known.

Wine colored days warmed by the sun,
Deep, velvet nights when we are one.
Speak softly, love, so no one hears us but the sky.
The vows of love we make will live until we die.
My life is yours, and all because
You came into my world so softly love.

Song Author Larry Kusic og Nino Rota

Lyrics Author Larry Kusic og Nino Rota

Performer: Andy Williams