Take Me In Your Arms

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[Am]Once [A9]up - [Am]on a lovely time,
[Dm]Ma - [D9]ny m   [Dm]illion dreams a[Am]go,   
[F]Once there [Dm7]was a    [Bm7-5] man in l[Am]ove, Dear,
[Dm]Ma - [D9]ny    [Dm]mil - [Dm7]lion d[E7]reams[Dm7] a -     [A]go.  

O[A]nce he t[F#m]hought he [E7]had a sw[D]eetheart,
T[E]hen he [Bm7-5]broke the [Cdim]golden [A6]rule:
N[A]ever [F#m]take your [E7-9]love for g[Bm]ranted --
W[E]ise men[Cdim] often p[E]lay the fo[A]ol.  
[A]Now he'd [F#m]like to s[E7]ay "I'm s[D]orry" --
C[C#7]an't you[C#7/G#] see with [Fdim(iii)] - in his h[F]eart
W[Dm]ith - [Dm6]out     [Dm7]you t    [Dm6]here's [Dm]no    [Dm7]to -     [Am]mor - row?
W[Dm]hy should t[F]rue love h[E7]ave to p[A]art?
T[A]ake [A9]me    [Am7]in y    [F#m]our a    [D]rms, [E7]    
I [E7sus4]prom -        [E7]ise    [E]to   [D9]be t   [A]rue;
N[Dm]ev - [F]er  [Dm7] a - g[Am]ain I[A9]'ll st[Am]ray   
[A9]A -    [E7]way    [Fdim]from y     [A]ou.  

Once up - on a lovely time,
Ma - ny million dreams ago,
Once there was a[Bm7-5] man in love, Dear,
Ma - ny mil - lion dreams a - go.

Once he thought he had a sweetheart,
Then he [Bm7-5]broke the golden rule:
Never take your [E7-9]love for granted --
Wise men often play the fool.
Now he'd like to say "I'm sorry" --
Can't you see with [Fdim(III)] - in his heart
With - out you there's no to - mor - row?
Why should true love have to part?
Take me in your arms,
I prom - ise to be true;
Nev - er a - gain I'll stray
A - way from you.

Song Author Dean Martin

Performer: Dean Martin