That Was a Big Fat Lie

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I k[Am]ind of be[E7]lieved you [Am7]when you s[G/B]aid your n[C]ights [Am7]were l[Em7]one -    [Cdim] ly     
Un[G]til the d[D9]ay that [G]I   [G/F#]came b     [A]y;  
But w[C]hen you whispered [Bm7]that I was your [C]one [C/B]and     [D9]on -   [Cdim] ly,     
T[C]hat was a [Am7]big fat [D7]lie.   

I s[Am]hould have been w[E7]iser t[Am7]han I [G/B]was, and s[C]een r[Am7]ight t[Em7]hroug    [Cdim]h you,     
B[G]ut the m[D9]oon got [G]in   [G/F#] my e     [A]ye;  
That s[C]tuff about I n[Bm7]ever lived unt[C]il   [C/B] I k    [D9]new    [Cdim] you,     
[C]That was a[Cdim] big fat l[G]ie.  

You [D7/9]must have s[Em]tarted to [B7]fib when[Cdim] you were [Em]wearing a [B7]bib   
And [Cdim]such a h[G]ab - [Em7]it's     [Am7]hard    [Edim] to br     [G]eak;
A [E7]little l[A]ie is ok[E]ay, but [Fdim]when you l[A]ie night and [E]day,
T[E7]hat's m[Am]ore than even[Am7] I can t[D7]ake.   

You t[Am]old me we o[E7]ughta [Am7]marry, [G/B]and I l[C]et   [Am7]you     [Em7]sway    [Cdim] me,     
Ki[G]ssed my h[D9]appy d[G]ays g[G/F#]ood - b[A]ye;  
And wh[C]en you told that [Bm7]man you'd honor a[C]nd  [C/B] o -    [D9] be   [Cdim]y me,     
[C]That, [Am]baby, [Cdim]was a b[D]ig   [D7]fat l[G]ie.  

Lets face it you're no George Washington
An [C]over ex[C/B]agger    [Am7]ation    [Am7/G] of a       [Bm7]super pre -[Bm7-5] var - i - [E]ca - tion --
[Edim]Just a [Am7]big     [D7]fat l[G]ie.  

I kind of believed you when you said your nights were lone - ly
Until the day that I came by;
But when you whispered that I was your one and on - ly,
That was a big fat lie.

I should have been wiser than I was, and seen right through you,
But the moon got in my eye;
That stuff about I never lived until I knew you,
That was a big fat lie.

You must have started to fib when you were wearing a bib
And such a hab - it's hard to break;
A little lie is okay, but when you lie night and day,
That's more than even I can take.

You told me we oughta marry, and I let you sway me,
Kissed my happy days good - bye;
And when you told that man you'd honor and o - bey me,
That, baby, was a big fat lie.

Lets face it you're no George Washington
An over exaggeration of a super pre -[Bm7-5] var - i - ca - tion --
Just a big fat lie.

Song Author Jule Styne og Sammy Cahn

Lyrics Author Jule Styne og Sammy Cahn

Performer: Doris Day