The Lamplighters Serenade

Random Settings
A [Edim]moment     [Cdim] after d[G]ark ar[Cdim]ound t     [G]he   [Edim]park,     
An o[D]ld-f[Am7]ashion g[D9]ent    [Am7]comes par[G]ading,
Dr[Edim]essed in [Cdim]funny cl[G]othes but s[C]inging[Cdim] as he g[A7]oes,   
The [D]Lampl[Bm7]ighter's [Am7]Ser -    [Cdim] e - n     [G]ade.

The [Cdim]old boy loves to t[B7]alk with [Em]couples on the [B+]walk,
But w[C]hen it's [Cm]half [Cm7]after l[G6]ove t[G5]ime,   
He [Cdim]reaches for his st[B7]icks a[Em]nd from [B+]his bag [Em7]of tricks,
He l[A7]ights every [Gdim]star in the s[D7]ky.   

And[Edim] if a      [Cdim]lady or [G]a beau[Cdim] shoul     [G]d a  [Edim]nswer “No,”
[D]He s[Am7]prinkles[D9] the   [Am7]ir hearts[G] with his magic,
[Edim]Then he s[Cdim]teals aw[G]ay to s[C]ing a[Cdim]nother d[A7]ay   
[D]The L[Bm7]amplighter's [Am7]Ser -    [Cdim] e - n     [G]ade.

A moment after dark around the park,
An old-fashion gent comes parading,
Dressed in funny clothes but singing as he goes,
The Lamplighter's Ser - e - nade.

The old boy loves to talk with couples on the walk,
But when it's half after love time,
He reaches for his sticks and from his bag of tricks,
He lights every star in the sky.

And if a lady or a beau should answer “No,”
He sprinkles their hearts with his magic,
Then he steals away to sing another day
The Lamplighter's Ser - e - nade.