Wild Is the Wind

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[Am]Love me, l[Em7]ove me, [Dm7]say you [F]do!  
[Am]Let me [Em7]fly aw[F]ay with [Dm7]you,    
[G]For my [G7]love is l[C9]ike the [Am7]wind,    
[Em]And w[B+]ild is the [Em9]wind.    

[Am]Give me m[Em7]ore than [Dm7]one care[F]ss,  
[Am]Satis[Em7]fy this [F]hungrine[Dm7]ss;    
[G]Let the w[G7]ind blow th[C9]rough your [Am7]heart,
For [Em]wild [B+]is the [Em9]wind. [B7]    

[C]You [G] t  [Am]ouch me,[Am7/G]    [Dm] I hear the [Dm+7]sound of mandol[Dm7]ins;     [G7]    
[Dm7]You     [G7] k   [Dm7]iss me,[G7]    [Am] and with your [E7]kiss the world [Am]begins.
[F]You're S[G7]pring to me, [Cm7]all     [Am7]things to me,
You're [Cdim]life its[E7]elf.   

[Am]Like a [Em7]leaf clings[Dm7] to a tr[F]ee,  
[Am]Oh, my d[Em7]arling, c[F]ling to [Dm7]me,    
[G]For we're c[G7]reatures [C9]of the [Am7]wind,    
And [Fdim]wild      [E7]is the [Am]wind, the [Dm7]wind,    
[Fdim]Wild      [E7]is my [Dm7]love f[E7]or y   [A]ou. [A9]    [A]    

Love me, love me, say you do!
Let me fly away with you,
For my love is like the wind,
And wild is the wind.

Give me more than one caress,
Satisfy this hungriness;
Let the wind blow through your heart,
For wild is the wind.

You touch me, I hear the sound of mandolins;
You kiss me, and with your kiss the world begins.
You're Spring to me, all things to me,
You're life itself.

Like a leaf clings to a tree,
Oh, my darling, cling to me,
For we're creatures of the wind,
And wild is the wind, the wind,
Wild is my love for you.

Song Author Dimitri Tiomkin og Ned Washington

Lyrics Author Dimitri Tiomkin og Ned Washington

Performer: Johnny Mathis